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posted Dec 28, 2011 05:13:30 by SheepRider
Character application form :

Character name -
Age -
Sexe -
Specie -
Likes -
Dislikes -
Personality -
Special Abilities -
Bio -
Picture -

P.s. You can add as many additional information as you want.
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KisilinKuchiki said Dec 29, 2011 02:16:34
Name: Kisilin Kuchiki (Zaitsev)
Age: 17
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hair: Black and long
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Height: 5”6
Weight: 96 pounds
Blood type: AB-
Psychology: She is sweet, shy, calm, stubborn and very intelligent. Nobody (other than Aiko) ever really understand her.
Likes: She likes almost everything that is made with chocolat and she love to fight but only with monsters.
Dislikes: Fight between friends, cinnamon and school even if she does have good notes.
Friendship: Even if she's shy she love talking with her friends, but if one of her friends say something wrong she won't hesitate to let them know and knock them down if it's really innapropriate.
Special abilities: Her sword can become very powerfull if she says "Sori, release your power!" and she can do Shunto.(It's a sort of really fast dash.)
History: She’s born in Arakurai, when she was 3 her father died inexplicably in a car accident, his car had blown when he arrive at his house. Kisilin got injured because she was running to meet him. Two years later when she woke up, she discover that her mother has disappeared. Aiko’s family adopt her and since then they always been best friends.

Theme song: Mirajane (Fairy Tail)
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MissSerenaFreak said Dec 29, 2011 02:59:37
Character name - Maybel
Age - 21
Sexe - female
Specie - elf
rank - Artisan
Likes - boys, flirting,sun, Ivy, oranges, talking, water
Dislikes - being alone, idiots, fighting
Personality - sexy, smart, social, honest, can be bitchy, flirty
Special Abilities - nothing worth saying
other - she swims like a fish
Bio - Maybel was an only child until the age of 15, when her parents decided to adopt another elf, Ivy. She was pissed at them, didn't want anything to do with Ivy. She stayed away from home as much as she could and hung out with her friends all the time. About a year later, she got in trouble with the cops cuz some of her friends were into drugs and shit. Ivy managed to help Maybel and, since then, they've been pretty much best friends.

Character name - Ivy
Age - 19
Sexe - girl
Specie - elf
rank - Scavenger
Likes - martial arts, music, Maybel, open spaces
Dislikes - huge crowds, people who are too loud
Personality - shy but tries not to be, quiet, honest, protective
Special Abilities - is really good in martial arts
other - she's very short and thin, fragile looking
Bio - Both Ivy's parents died in a car crash when she was two years old. Since she didn't have any living relatives, she was placed in an orphanage. She was bullied a lot due to her height, so she learned how to fight. At 13, she was adopted by a couple who already had a girl a little older than herself, Maybel. Ivy tried to become friends with Maybel, but she completely avoided her. Until Ivy helped Maybel that is. That night, the two girls became best friends and promised to protect each other no matter what.

Character name - Tayla
Age - 20
Sexe - girl
Specie - un-winged fairy
rank - Main Leader
Likes - reading, drawing, being alone, quiet places
Dislikes - people in general
Personality - quiet, loner, doesn't trust people much, loyal
other - She's blind
Special Abilities - she can sense everything around her, so she rarely gets lost or bumps into stuff
Bio - Tayla used to live in a small fairy community. She was a happy child. That changed at the age of 12, when her wings didn't grow. She was beat up and rejected, they kicked her out and sent her on her own. Not long after that, there was a fire in a nearby house. Tayla tried to help put it out, but it burnt her eyes so badly she became blind. The people who owned the house thought she had started the fire so the called to police. Finally, the authorities figured out she didn't start it and realized that the young girl didn't have a family, so they placed her in an orphanage. The same night, Tayla ran away, she didn't trust anyone and was scared to be bullied and ridiculized. She prefered being on her own.
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SheepRider said Dec 29, 2011 04:07:04
Character name - Yudal
Age - 17 years old
Sexe - female
Specie - Elf
Likes - Playing like a kid, helping people out, cooking
Dislikes - Anything sexually related
Personality - Childish, mature when needed, serious, likes taking breaks to play, doesn't overdramatize over things, she takes life lightly. Very loyal.
Special Abilities - None
Bio - Yudal was married when she was 15 to an elven prince to make the balance between the two countries that were at war. She slept with said husband and did everything to like him, it didn't work so in the end she finished up being basically his shadow, following him and doing what he asked. She knew he cheated on her practically all the time they've been married for but never complained nor said anything about it.
Picture -

Character name - Syll
Age - 19 years old
Sexe - Female
Specie - Elf
Likes - Silence, blood, Yudal.
Dislikes - The elven prince, women.
Personality - She is a quiet person but when she speaks up, you figure out she's hot tempered and very arrogant and violent.
Special Abilities - She can smell blood from miles afar. She is quick to strike or react to any shock situation.
Bio - Syll was born in a family of elite elven fighters. As they grow older then eight, in that familly, you are forced to wear a mask and hide your face from your ennemy all your life. Your mask is worth your life, losing it would mean you have to end your own life. She grown up as an elite, the best of the bests but an accident happened and they put her to the prince's guard due to her ability to react fast.
Picture -
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SheepRider said Dec 29, 2011 17:54:07
Up until now character approvals have been done through msn but from now on they will be done in this forum so it's your responsability to come back and check if your character has been approved.
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60spaure said Dec 29, 2011 18:31:07
Character name: Kuchiki Aiko
Age: 19

Sexe: F

Specie: Golden Elf

Likes: Sword fighting, fencing, chess, dango and rabbits. Oh, and cheese of course!

Dislikes: Ice-cream, jerks, being defeated

Blood type: AB-

Psychological traits: Aiko Kuchiki is a person who stands up to her friends no matter what. She is very caring and she always make time to help her friends when they need her. She is very reserved and rarely talk about her feelings to others. She always act as if she's a strong person, but sometimes she's breaking inside... She stays calm most of the time but when she explodes, she E X P L O D E S.

Physical traits: Elf ears, black hair, deep red eyes, etc.

Values: Education, friends, love, finding our purpose in life

Special Abilities: She has a sword which allows her to fight others (obviously), but which also has the ability to transform plants in delectable cheese if she touches them four consecutive times in less than 5 minutes. Since she's a golden elf (elf born from a human and elf couple), she also has other special abilities. For example, she can fly and teleport herself.

History: Aiko was born in Soul Society. Being the child of a noble family, she has plenty of time and opportunities to learn sword fighting, chess and many other things. Her mother died while giving birth to her, so her father was her childhood figure. He did help her learn lots of lessons about life and has always been there for her. When she was 5, her father adopted Kisilin and both girls have been best friends ever since.

Cute factors: Aiko often blushes, usually for almost nothing. And she likes bunnies... xD

SheepRider said Dec 29, 2011 18:34:03
Kuchiki Aiko is approved ;3
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avatar said Dec 29, 2011 20:03:41
Name: Mmtk72
Age: 19
Sexe: Male
Species: Angdevil ( Half Angel and half Devil.)
Likes: Darkness, being alone, fight with is friends, Killing stuff, is ring, and having a wife.
Dislikes: Being touch, wizards (especially Dragnov), Humans, mortals, lyers and thief even if he's one.
Personality: Quiet, doesn't talk much, intelligent, scary but lovely, good for hiding, and move very fast.
Others: He's a Warrior, an Assasin and a Thief.
Special abilities: He have an hole in is wrist which can "spawn" everything he wants. It almost take all is energy but it could save is life. He can even spawn spell orbs. Spell orbs can be eaten and give the ability that the orb contains.

Bio: When Mmtk was 8 years old, is life changed, and this story will tell you why...

Mmtk was at is training. He was Battling with other peoples and practising on how to kill them fast. One of Mmtk's dream was to be the best warrior in all the skylands. After is training he went back to his house and found a wizard called Dragnov. He was sealing the soul of his parents in a ring made out of black metal and silver. Mmtk tried to punch him but the wizard disapeared in a green smoke. The only thing that he left there was the ring which contains Mmtk's parents souls. Mmtk72 kept the ring with him. Strangely, when he was putting it on is finger, He was feeling like he could beat anyone. That's why he called it the ring of strenght. He took his mom lightsword, a sword passed down from generation, also called the evil persing blade and jumped out of the skylands.

Mmtk72 is now 19 years old and will continu is Quest to defeat Dragnov and to find out how to get is parents souls out of this ring.

The end!
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SheepRider said Dec 29, 2011 20:39:59
Mmtk72 is approved ;3
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Kei_nii said Dec 30, 2011 17:20:34
Character name - Iris
Age - 200 years old
Sexe - Female
Specie - Kyuubi
Likes - Meat
Dislikes - being serious
Personality - Iris is a very playfull girl, always cheerful and will always try to lighten the mood. Normaly has her eyes closed, she'll open them if she's really mad, or serious.

Special Abilities - she has great agility and can even control fire. She also has the ability to shapeshift, but prefers her "human form". She's a trickster, so she is highly intelligent.

Bio - Being taught to hunt and live by her late mother, Iris was able to live on her own only 10 years after her birth. Thats around when her fascination of humans began. On a hunting trip, she saw hunters out to hunt some deer and was amazed that such slow creatures were able to hunt something like the much faster and agile deer. So she decided to live as one of them to understand them more. So, she was adopted into a human family and was raised to be a knight of the lord. Probably the first female knight, she was adored by all. She had fought many battles, and took many lives for her lord, it was at such a battle that she was transported suddenly to this "other world" after being severely wounded. She now wanders, trying to find a somewhere to rest and tend to her wounds.

SheepRider said Dec 30, 2011 17:24:29
Iris is approved ;3 kyaaa so cute
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Vonzen said Jan 01, 2012 23:48:47
Character name - Kyo Hanzo.
Age - 16.
Sex - Male.
Species - Android.
Likes - Music, Donuts.
Dislikes - Onion.
Personality - Simple, Friendly.
Ability - Completely change people's senses.
Bio - Woke up on a door in the middle of a trash-yard, location unknown.
Picture -
Vonzen said Jan 01, 2012 23:49:24
Btw, I used a base from Pixel-hime from DeviantArt.
SheepRider said Jan 02, 2012 00:33:41
Kyo Henzo is approved ;3 cauz hes freaking hot.
I smell like pencils.
Hank88 said Jan 03, 2012 04:47:35
Character name - Anya
Age - 21
Sex - Female
Specie - Belselian (a human with mouse ears and tail, and some attributes like high running speed)
Likes - Reading mangas, FPS and RTS video games, training, hang out with her friends, meat and CHEESE
Dislikes - Catmarians (a human with cat ears and tail, also they are giants and hunts belselians), bullies, abuse of power over weaker ones.
Personality - Tsundere, serious and isn't too honest with herself when it comes to love topics
Special Abilities: High running speed, gun expert, excellent marksman, survival knowledge.
Bio - Anya, a mousegirl from the planet of mouse people called Belselion. She is a skilled lieutenant of Belselion's Special Defense Corps, in charge of repelling the catmarians that attacks Belselion. Having trained with all the weapons of Belselion's army, she is a very skilled sharpshooter. She has survived many battles against catmarians, which attacks her people hunting and eating them as a snack or just for fun.

Belselians are a little taller than human beings, but they are quite faster than them, even though, that isn't enough for escaping from a hungry catmarian.

-A note for those who haven't read my comic The First Contact-

Catmarians are a species of giant humans with cat features as cat ears and tail. They are as big as a building or bigger. Kanade, my other OC is a catmarian of about 82 meters tall, so you may imagine a belselian (mousepeople) against a catmarian, is like you against a living 30+ story tall building XD

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JaneoTan said Jan 03, 2012 05:13:01
Character name -Sakura
Age - 15
Sexe -Girl
Specie - A human tht have strange ablity
Likes -Everything exept dislike
Dislikes - Cakes
Personality -Determined and Mysterios
Special Abilities -A Japanese Sword expert,anything bout Japanese and duels is the best.Music ruled over her
Bio-A strange girl wth no name and does not grow tht appear beside a boy name Kashii in the mornin and partner wth him all her life.When she met another girl that love Kashii,she turned to Sakura.
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